Trip to Having a New Hobby Project

I really like arts and artists. Sometimes I am really envious of those people who are talented and good at something cool. While I was watching musicals I really wanted to dance among those girls and guys wgo were on stage. They were not singing like those actors and actresses but they had also have important roles because without dancers a musical could be awful even the most talented actors and singers are playing in it.

About three years ago I started to play with poi, because I have a really great friend who made me fall in love with this kind of art and the other stuff are just came. This year the Hungarian Juggling Association opened a place where people can go to meet other jugglers, practise and of course there are “lessons” too. This is place is called INspirál Cirkuszközpont.

I’m still attending lessons called something like: Useage of Circus in Social Work, Health Care and Teaching. Yes, it sounds strange but what is this exactly?

Circus can be a tool to empower socially, mentally or in any other way disadventaged people. If you have already opened a new window and typed in “Social Circus” you have found these words on Wikipedia:

Social Circus refers to the growing movement toward the use of circus arts as mediums for social justice and social good. It uses alternative pedagogical tools to work with youth who are marginalized or at social or personal risk.

But what I feel when I am on this lesson? I feel I’m a little child again, who can play with interesting things and it is not a problem that I cannot catch the balls or cannot do something as a real juggler because it is not an expectation to do things perfect for the first time.

Juggling is good because it develops movements, coordination, concentration, gaves perseverance by practicing the same motions. These things I’ve just mentioned have positive effects foAcro at Long Centerr learning (or working) and behaviour. By juggling I can be a part of a great and funny group of people who motivate me to practice and do not give up. During the lessons I meet interesting people who are really talented in something but not uppish.

A few weeks ago my instructor could not be there on the lesson and asked a guy to help her out. He asked me what I was want to do, because he can teach me some tricks but he is better in acrobalance. I told him ok, let’s do that but I do not really know that is this exactly. The lesson started with a very long streching and warming-up and after that we started doing these kind of things you can see on the picture. To tell the truth I’m not get used to this kind of movements because I prefered to skipping P.E. lessons at school and never done any kind of sports (maybe because I did not find any I wanted to do) so I felt I am going to die after ten minutes of warming up, but after that I started to like this thing because I have seen the result. 🙂

I could not go to this guy’s lessons after my very first and accidentally meeting with acroyoga but I decided to do this stuff because it looks good, and unfortunately I usually sit a lot in front of my notebook. So after I finished my studies an exams at the uinversity I went to this lesson too. It was two hours long and we were warming up for at least one and a half hour, but I felt I must do those excercises because it is going to be good for me not only because of avoiding any kind of injuries. Now I cannot move my limbs but I can’t wait to go to the next lesson because I know one day these exercises will be very easy for me to do. 😛

Finally here is a little video (with English subtitle) about this Social Circus:


Milestones During a Journey

During our lives there are milestones. I think it depends on the individuals where these milestones are. I’m writing these words because I have just finished my studies at my University and obviously it could be a milestone for me. But I do not really feel that so. When I was thinking about these things I started to summarize what my milestones are. Let me tell you them!

First of all, I think the biggest milestone in my life when I was born. But maybe it is not a big surprise. Child-bearing is not as a simple thing as it is said. It is a very important moment for mothers and babies too. If you are someone who was allowed to be a part of this beautiful thing you must be very grateful to the family who let you in their important part of their lives. Maybe next time I’ll write a whole blogpost about this toplic but not now. 😉

The other big milestone maybe the part of a human’s life when a kid starts his or her studies at school. During the school years there are a lot of smaller milestones such as friendships, loves, new hobbies maybe moving from point A to B and of course the end of these years too. After that you can get married, have kids and this endless circle starts from the beginning. There are so many people who start working after finishing secondary school, but many of them start a new one. New school, new friendships, new stuff to getting used to it. As I wrote I have just finished my university but I do not really really feel that I have reached something special. I do not really feel better or worse. Maybe there will be new perspectives in my life during my job but now I am not able to belive that a quite long period finished in my life.

With this song below I wanna share my feelings. Unfortunately I will not translate the lyrics because I cannot make you sure my translation will be as good as this song sounds on it’s original language. The title is something like: Child years are passing by or maybe Childhood is passing by…


Trip to the Age of the Cathedtals

rm_gringoireI have noticed, old times and things from the past are coming back. A few posts ago I wrote about the musical Roméo et Juliette, now I’m writing about Notre Dame de Paris. The Italian tour of Romeo e Giulietta has finished, but I was following Riccardo Maccaferri‘s Facebook page who played Benvolio and he got the role of Pierre Gringoire. So this is why I opened the book to read and started to watch the musical again too.

Victor Hugo‘s novel was very impressive. I really liked the descriptions of Paris: I closed my eyes and I could imagine the streets, the gates, the bridges, etc… Maybe because I have never been there and my big dream is to visit the city at least once in my life.

To tell the truth I do not really like the Middle Ages because of those horrible things that people have done to eachother because of witchcraft. In this novel we can see a great example of that when Phoebus meets Esmeralda at the house of the old woman Falourdel. The old lady puts the coin that Phoebus gave her into a drawer of a table and a child puts a withered leaf instead of it. Claude Frollo with his black cloak jumps into the water before the soldiers come inside the room they met. This part was very fearful in 1482, and of course it could be believable. So this is why Esmeralda became a witch and after that she need to hide and escape.

In 1999 Garou played the role of Quasimodo. He has incredible voice!!! I did not really like his role because I extremly deplore Quasimodo. He was deaf, ugly and wretched… The only person who was kind to him was the beautiful gipsy. It is not a surprise that he fell in love with Esmeralda.

I did not really like Esmeralda too. I have no idea what the hell she loved in Phoebus. She was too naive and innocent and maybe this is why she irritated me. Frollo, Quasimodo and maybe Gringoire were in love with her but she only loved the unfaithful Phoebus. The only part where I was deploring her when she finally find her mother who was in a “rat-hole” and she was praying to find her daughter and when they finally meet they die on the same day. So maybe I was not sorry for Esmeralda rather her mother.

I missed so much Claude Frollo‘s brother, Jehan from the musical. I loved those parts in the novel when the student goes to Dom Claude and want to ask money for having fun with girls. The priest, Claude Frollo cannot be determine black or white. He can be described as grey. Because first he hates Esmeralda so much after that he loves her… I think he could not make difference between hate and love and this is why he looks quite satisfied when he saw Esmeralda hanging on the gallows.

The other important female character is Fleur-de-Lys who is very jealous of Esmeralda because of Phoebus. One of my favorite songs is called Beau Comme le Soleil which is sung by Felur-de-Lys and Esmeralda about the same man they love. Finally Felur-de-Lys won that “great” man as her husband. To tell the truth Phoebus was the only character I hate so much. He is a rude and stupid soldier. Maybe we can say Phoebus was the biggest looser in this novel because he looses his freedom at the end. 😛

And finally some words of my one and only favorite character: Pierre Gringoire. He was the person who was almost killed several times during the book and somehow he could escape from death all the time. There are people all around the world who were born to be lucky. 🙂 I really loved all the actors who played the poete’s role especially: Bruno Pelletier, Riccardo Maccaferri and John Eyzen. One of my favorite quote from Gringoire was this session below:

Here he was startled out of his well-nigh lyric ecstasy by the explosion of a great double rocket which suddenly went up from the thrice happy cabin. It was the ferry-man adding his contribution to the festivities of the day by letting off some fire-works. At this Grainier fairly bristled with rage.
“Accursed festival!” cried he; “is there no escape from it? — not even on the cattle ferry-man’s islet?” 
He gazed on the Seine at his feet, and a horrible temptation assailed him. “Oh, how gladly would I drown myself,” said he, “if only the water were not so cold!”

When I was reading these words I was smiling and it’s become my favourite part because I felt quite simmilar but not because of my problems with my school. So maybe this is why I still like this part. 🙂 So Gringoire I think the character who helps Victor Hugo to say some funny sentences. If you have read the book, you may know Esmeralda had a little white goat called Djali. This goat was my other favorite “artist” because he was very clever to study tricks and made funny some parts of the novel.  🙂

The only thing I really don’t like: there is no Hungarian version so I guess I need to go abroad to see this musical. 😀

Trip into a galaxy far, far away…

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”


The world has gone insane in the middle of December because of the premiere of the new episode of the biggest space fairy tale called Star Wars. In the past half year almost everything was about Star Wars. You could get T-shirts, posters, bags, stuffed toys, figures of the characters, board games and Uno cards even I’ve found a tin of beans in Star Wars style too!!! And don’t forget, Facebook offered us to change our profile pictures with red and blue lightsabers and Google to change the background of Gmail into the Dark or the Light side of the Force. So we can say this Christmas was all about Star Wars. 🙂

Obviously, I was watching the whole aviable movies before I went to the cinema to see the new one so let me share with you a few of my experiences about the whole Star Wars films. I’ll write them in chronological order from the Phantom Menace to the Return of the Jedi and of course the new one The Force Awakens too. 🙂

z1Phantom Menace, the Attack of the Clones and the Revenge of the Sith are the antecedent stories of the old and original Star Wars Trilogy where we meet the young Anakin Skywalker who wanna be a Jedi Knight and fell in love with Padme and finally becomes Darth Vader. Like so many people I have seen the old trilogy and I knew Anakin becomes Darth Vader and this is why I could not like this character even he had loveable parts during the episodes. I prefered the members and the system of the Jedi Council such as Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. I liked Yoda’s wisdom, Qui-Gonn because he made the biggest mistake and believed in Anakin (it is quite strange but making a mistake is part of our lives). I admired that care and friendship of Obi-Wan Kenobi with Anakin, and he believed in that evil guy too till the last moment, and he was very disappointed because he lost his best friend and he lost the other Jedis. Mace Windu is an important character too, and he was right because he could never trust in Anakin.

These movies were about the computer technics but the stories were not so good. The only good point was at the end of the Revenge of the Sith that the creators tried to remake the “old style” space ship design because there would be a great technical decline between the third and the fourth episodes.


I think you will not be surprised I prefer the original Star Wars Trilogy. Let me tell you a very personal story of my family. I have two cousins and the younger one was in love with these movies. My mother visited his family in every second week and for the question “And what about Christian? Where can we find him?” the answer was: “He is watching Star Wars.” And he was watching the movies at least for eight years… 😀 So he is a true fan of Star Wars and maybe this is one of the reasons I like these films too.

star_wars_screenshots_han_solo_harrison_ford_desktop_1920x816_wallpaper-333086-e1360731792274-1024x576My one and only favourite character is Han Solo. In my opinion he is a very entertaining and funny person in the whole Trilogy and to tell the truth I missed so much this kind of character from the previous three movies. Of course there were some funny moments but not in Han Solo style. For example at the end of New Hope when Solo comes back to help Luke to destroy the Death Star. He gets back and destroys one or two spaceships of the Galactic Empire and calls Luke something like “Woohoo guy ! I’m back to help you. I didn’t want to miss this great battle!” And of course we must not forget those funny verbal fights with Princess Leia.

I think you have already guessed out, my favorite episode is the sixth one, the Return of the Jedi. It’s ending is very very positive when Vader turns back to Anakin and saves his son’s life by killing Chancellor Palpatine.  Mr. George Lucas made a lot of changes on the old trilogy, added some extra scenes and changed the ghost of Anakin: Sebastian Shaw to Hayden Christensen. I understand because the young Anakin (Hayden Christensen) was on the Light side of the Force and the young actor was around two years old, so he could not play that role, that’s true. But Sebastian Shaw died in 1994. So from this opinion was it ok to delete him from the ending picture? My other question in connection with this scene: why Lucas did not put there the other Jedis too like Windu, Qui-Gon and the others?


I was right when I went to the cinema by thinking about “Ok, I think they cannot make a better movie than the Return of the Jedi.” And I was right. 😛

I liked the feeling of the movie of course, but this was a modernized, improved remake of the fourth episode. A droid is going in the desert someone not important person finds it and the biggest adventure starts.

Mr. J.J. Abrams is very good at marketing and he made a movie that most of the fans will love but to tell the truth The Force Awakens made me a bit disappointed. I still have a lot of questions that I cannot answer because I feel this movie is not finished. It is a good start of a series but Star Wars is not a series.

Star_Wars_Episode_VII_The_Force_AwakensLuke Skywalker saved the galaxy as the last Jedi Knight and was these thing forgotten?! Why? Why are Jedis have become only a myth? Personally I did not really like Kylo Ren, because he behaved like a hysteric teenager who has period and he made the biggest mistake: killed my favorite character! I hope he’ll have nightmare because of that… 😀 But take it serious he was not an authentic character for me… Solo told him something like that: “Son, put down your mask I want to see your real face, who you are!” And the silliest question I have is: Why does C-3PO have red arm?! What happened to it? Was it eaten by the rust or Rey changed it to some kind of food? Why isn’t it explained because noone would pay attention on that question but 3PO tells Han Solo something like “Ahh, maybe you cannot recognize me because of my red arm.”

I’m going to watch this movie again, maybe I’ll like it more. And Of course I cannot wait to see the new episode to get the answers my questions. 🙂

Finally, I’d like to add a video to this post, I really like because it is funny. Tons of people know the cartoon called Frozen from 2013. Have you seen Let it Go in Star Wars stlye? 😉

Trip to Paklenica National Park

On a quite cloudy day we went to Starigrad to visit the famous Paklenica National Park where the movies of Winnetou were filmed in the ‘60s. Last year we have already been there but the weather was horrible, and could not go for a walk around because of that so this is why we went there again.

Paklenica National ParkWe went by car from Zaton Holiday Resort (this is around 50 kms away from Starigrad and takes about an hour on the country road). We wanted to see a cave called Manita peć. We bought the ticket to the Park (costs 50 HRK/person and for the car is 10 HRK), and went inside, parked with the car and started to climb the hills. I have some good advices for you if you want to have a trip there: first of all you should wear an appropriate clothes and shoes or boots for the walk in the mountains. The rocks you are walking on are quite slippery especially when you are coming down. And by the way you need be in quite good physical condition or got used to hiking. This place is great for people who love climbing on the rocks and you have possibility to be taught how to climb (as I remember this was about 250 HRK for two hours) and of course you can rent some climbing stuff. We started to walk up to the cave; we had to be in a hurry because it is opened between 10 am and 1 pm (the last group of visitors goes inside around one o’clock so I suggest you to arrive to the entrance at 12:45).

Walking to the Cave Manita pećAnd why I wrote you must have a good physical condition? Because if you want to see the beauties of Manita peć you need to climb up on a rocky and shingly serpentine path for forty minutes (this is depends on your walking speed). To tell the truth at the half of the serpentine I felt this was enough and I’m turning back but after that I realized why should I turn back? Maybe this is the last time I am able climb up here and see that beautiful view so why not I’m going on? Finally I arrived to the “gates” of Manita peć. You need to pay 20 HRK/person for the ticket to get into the cave and for this 20 HRK you can stay inside about 20-30 minutes but be careful because inside of the cave the temperature is around 9-10°C so take some warm clothes with you! The guide guy told some things about the cave: for example it is opened for three hours to keep this temperature inside the cave because of the small insects. These species dies above 10°C.

Inside of the Cave Manita peć

A part of the map next to the Cave Manita peć

To summarize this trip the edification is:

  • you must have strength to climb up to Manita peć,
  • you should wear the appropriate clothes and shoes,
  • and you must be a trained hiker not a general tourist like me who not really got used to hiking in the mountains.

So you can imagine how I felt the next morning after this hiking… 😀

Paklenica National Park

The beautiful view

What happens to us when a journey ends?

When I started to write this blog, I wanted to let you see into my private things I like and make me thinking about. This is my fifth post, and this is about death again, that is not a very funny and good topic to talking about, but I feel I must write my feelings down.

Professor CzeizelEvery time when a be-loved person reaches the last days of his/her life is very hard to talking about but in my opinion we must. Why? Because by telling the stories of the beloved person your heavy heart is getting easier and making your soul calm.

Today a very very talented and nice Professor passed away. I feel lucky because I met Him three times in my life. Our last “meeting” was in April at a conference before He went to a hospital to get His third chemotherapy. I think this was His last presentation. He was talking about the medicines that can be used and cannot be used during the pregnancy. It was a very enthusiastic thing to make a presentation instead of staying in a hospital. He wanted to teach us because He felt His presentation is important to talk about.

He said something like that: Every people want to be immortal by making big things. Some people paint pictures, others create enormous buildings or write books. But if you wanna be immortal you need to have children because they can make you deathless by using your habits, attitude to life, etc. So kids can make you immortal.

In the future when I need to talk to kids and other people I will use these words too, because this made Professor Andrew Czeizel immortal to me. His presentations will always be in my heart and I am going to work on to make Him proud of me. Yes, I know, I was not a determinative person in His life but I really really hope I can do something to make one of His dreams true and people could have healthy babies as much as possible.

Rest in peace Dear Professor, I will never forget You.

Back to the latest journey again

I’ve watched again the Roméo et Juliette musical from  2010 and accidentally I’ve found a new Italian version too. That is why I would like to rewrite or make my previous post complete. If you love the original French musical from 2001 and this is your favorite version, I mean you think this is the best version ever and the others with any difference are crap I suggest you not to watch these versions, because that will be a big big disappointment. I tell the truth if I were a 14-year-old Roméo et Juliette fan girl who I was in 2004, I think I wanna say it is rubbish… But if you have read my previous blogpost I finished it with a conclusion: you will find at least one be-loved-character in each musical, who do not have to be the same.

I have found my character in the Italian and the new French version too! He is Mercutio. Why? Maybe because he has a bigger role to play and has more text, and these things help the audience getting closer to his personality. We get the answer why he is Romeo’s best friend. Luca Giacomelli FerrariniThe Italian guy who got the role of Mercutio is called Luca Giacomelli Ferrarini, who is a very talented actor and singer, because he can play this role with so much passion like no one else I think. 🙂 The only thing I do not really like in the Italian version is the choreography of the most popular song: I Re del Mondo. The song is about girls and parties… So I cannot understand why did not join any girls to those dancer guys?! I need to admit, I do not speak French, Italian, and any of these languages unfortunately only English and my Mother Tounge, so I only read the English translation of all versions I’ve seen. I’ve noticed they are working with quite a few dancers during the musical. A really good point in the Italian version is the whole stuff is very  spectacular for example “The Bal” part, the clothes are amazing! I missed the song “On Dit Dans la Rue” because this is one of my favorites. And of course I really like the end of the musical too when Romeo kills Paris quite as in the Hungarian version and during the last song all of the dancers and main characters are wearing white clothes as a sign of they are guilty both and it does not matter which family you belong to. But unfortunately I did not like the end of the DVD because I was waiting the actors to sing together with the audience. This was the part I also missed from the end of the Hungarian musical DVD too. Ok, they were singing a very short part of Aimer at the end but not together with the audience… 😦John Eyzen

The new French Mercutio is John Eyzen. I really liked his playing of Mercutio before the duel. He made Tybalt so angry with his dialogue. To tell the truth he makes a fool of Tybalt with the embarrassing stuff he tells him. So after this dialogue it is not a surprise he must be dead. 😀 Also Mercutio has a new song after Les Rois du Monde that is called Je Reve. The other songs are played in different order, and sang by different characters, for example Le Pouvoir is sang by the “Voldemort Prince of Verona” but it is the first song of the second act. In 2010 Tybalt got more text too, but Paris has nothing to say. The strange thing for me was the bal part… When the song L’amour Heureux finished Roméo kissed Juliette and Tybalt started to sing his song, C’est pas ma faute… And it is quite grotesque for me: the couple is kissing for three minutes and Tybalt is singing, crying and suffering next to them. :O I really like the clothes they are wearing at The Bal part too. They are wearing white costumes such as in the same part of the performance of Vienna.

But the conclusion of my latest and this post is still the same: try to be happy with version of the musical you are watching at the moment in the theatre or on DVD and find the most enjoyable and lovable part for YOU! Not anyone else! People are very different, there are people who like blues or jazz the other ones are in love with heavy metal, and that’s good. We must be different because these things make good our Funny Little World. 😉

P.S.: Now I’m planning to go to Italy to see Romeo e Giulietta. Unfortunately I do not have the opportuntiy to see the new French version live, but that would be a pleasure to see as many version on stage as possible. I really hope You’ll have fun with all versions of this great musical!!! 🙂